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Hello and welcome to the Necro-Mechanika homepage, a central hub for all things NM. From here you can view:

Welcome to Nevada, the land of the Dust Bowl, now with Zombies. Here you can see where you’ve been and try to find out where you are going. Revisit old places and plot courses to new ones, even relive old adventures.

Need to know when things are going down? Sun-down or sun-up? High-Noon? On a Wednesday? Sunny-side up? Well this isn’t a menu, but you can find out the ‘when’ here.

Here you can chat with anyone else playing about the day’s events. Although why you would do it here rather than over msn is beyond me. I just Gm.

This is the place to gloat about your treasured shotty, your improvised sledgehammer made from a rock and a boom mic from the set of Indiana Jones, or even your schematic for a bio-cell that re-oxidizes the input from runoff Sodium. Think of this as a Trophy room; as a weapon is found or a special one made it gets added here, complete with stats and a little backstory.

Now I don’t know about your face-space or your twit-twats. Here you can see the people you come across on your journey. See both Players and NPC’s alike, even update your own page as you go along with diary entries and character updates. Add your own flavor to the Dust Bowl.
To make your Character:
-We will do your ‘rolls’. These are your stats, and determine how your character will play. You still have choice in how your character plays, this just puts limits on it so there are no “Mary Sues”.
-Now, you get to work out your character’s back-story, previous relations, and other personal details (I will need to know these, but you do not need to post them here, just let me know). Here you tell your character’s Name, Class, and a small Bio if you feel it is needed. The Classes are Ranger; the gunslinger of the group, Brawler: the close-quarters fighter using melee weapons and fists, and the Support; the medics, engineers, and scientists of the group. Once you have all of these down pat, you should have a character down, but if you still feel a little confused, do not hesitate to message me.

Adventure Log
Miss a session? Need to catch up? Or did you just forget the past 48 hours? A shot of tequila and a bar stool to the head will do that. Catch up here. After every session a new Adventure Log will be made.

This entire page is still a work-in-progress, so if something doesn’t work, send me a message and I will get on it. Please refrain from editing the page. I hope you have as much of a fun time playing NM as I have making it. See you in the Dust Bowl!


Home Page

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